Tuesday, April 12, 2011


RiPPER..: Team ***
GENRE......: R&B
LABEL...: A&M Records
SCENE DATE.: 12/22/2006
bITRATE.: VBR/44.1Hz
STORE DATE.: 00/00/1989
ENCODER.: Lame 3.90.3 APS
TRACKS.....: 11
SiZE....: 95,3 MB


01 Rhythm Nation (7" Edit) 04:31
02 Rhythm Nation (12" United Mix) 06:38
03 Rhythm Nation (12" House Nation Mix) 08:08
04 Rhythm Nation (House Nation Groove) 06:45
05 Rhythm Nation (United Dub) 06:11
06 Rhythm Nation (7" CHR Remix) 04:08
07 Rhythm Nation (7" House Nation Edit) 04:23
08 Rhythm Nation (7" United Mix Edit) 04:37
09 Rhythm Nation (LP Version) 04:42
10 Rhythm Nation (Instrumental 7") 04:46
11 Rhythm Nation (Rhythm Mix) 04:49

Total Playtime: 59:38


Remix CDM that was exclusively released in Japan

"Rhythm Nation" was the second single by pop music singer
Janet Jackson from her fourth studio album Rhythm Nation

The song became the second of the historic seven top five
singles released off the Rhythm Nation 1814 album. Jackson
composed the lyrics while Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis
composed the music, which featured a sample from "Thank
You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" by Sly & the Family
Stone. The song preached racial unity and harmony among
nations and in promise of "looking for a better way of
life" and a way to stop "social unrest and injustice". The
song became as famous for its countdown in both the song
and the video as it was for its message. It peaked at #1
on Billboard's R&B charts and #2 on Billboard Hot 100
during the winter of 1989-90.

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